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Hypnotherapy in  London and in Enfield with one of the most experienced hypnotherapists and hypnotherapy trainers in the UK РEnfield, Southgate, Central London, Islington, Highgate, Tufnell Park, Camden, Holloway, Archway and North London. Also sessions and Shoreditch.

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Don’t keep living with –¬†

  • Low Confidence and feeling bad about yourself
  • Being overweight and miserable!
  • Fear of ill health from smoking!
  • Fears, anxieties and phobias that ruin your life!

Hypnotherapy can be very effective with:

Below is a clip of Tom MacKay helping someone overcome a limiting belief on a pilot TV show:

We have worked with thousands of clients from all around the world to help them overcome problems and get the results they want. Hypnotherapy is generally regarded as one of the most effective ways to make changes – many therapies take years to get results, however hypnotherapy can often help people overcome their problems in just a few sessions.

What to expect with Hypnotherapy In London?

During the first session we will spend some time working out the strategy that will help you best. During the hypnosis you will feel pleasantly relaxed and you will be in control at all times (not like the way hypnosis is often portrayed in books and films!). For many issues you will be given a recording of the hypnotherapy in the session to take away and practice with. The more you listen to the positive suggestions, the more effective they become.

Who can be hypnotised?

Anyone can go into hypnosis. The media has often led people to believe that not everyone can be hypnotised, however in reality anyone can go into hypnosis, however it is often not what people expect! During hypnosis people generally feel very relaxed – frequently the most relaxed they have ever felt! The first time people go into hypnosis, there are often two responses –

I felt really relaxed, but I don’t think I was hypnotised because I heard everything you said!


I felt really relaxed, but I’m sorry I didn’t listen to anything you said because my mind wondered!

Below is a clip of Tom MacKay on a Pilot TV show:

Both responses are perfectly normal and are excellent responses. During a hypnotherapy session you are not put ‘under’ or made to go ‘unconscious’! It is perfectly normal to hear everything that is said – this makes the session no less effective – in fact there are times it can be useful! For the people whose mind wanders off and don’t listen to anything, that is fine too! In hypnosis we are looking at given suggestions to the unconscious mind – the conscious mind is the part you are aware of at any moment and has a limit to 7 plus or minus 2 chunks of information, but the unconscious mind is capable of processing lots of things at the same time and is also where all of our regular behaviour patterns are storied.

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