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Phobias Hypnotherapy In Enfield


Hypnotherapy in Enfield for phobias

In our hypnotherapy practice in Enfield, Tom MacKay has helped hundreds of people overcome their fears and phobias.


Phobias can cause such a barrier in peoples’ lives that it can prevent them doing the things they love and even stop people from leaving their homes.


A phobia is an extremely intense emotional reaction to a specific trigger. People can have phobias about all sort of things including phobias of:






                Open spaces



                Other animals




Deal with your phobias in Enfield

People can have phobias about pretty much anything. Some phobias might rarely cause a problem – like a clown phobia, whereas others can prevent people going about their day to day life. However unique the phobia might seem, it can still cause a major problem in peoples’ lives.

How our hypnotherapy in Enfield can help with phobias?

Hypnosis is an extremely safe and effective way at helping people to overcome any type of fear or phobia. In the relaxing state of hypnosis, you will be taken through techniques and given suggestions that help you to directly overcome your fear or phobia.


Combined with hypnotherapy, Tom MacKay is also a Master Practitioner and Master Trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and some of the techniques are regarded as being the most effective at dealing with phobias – it is even recommended by many doctors.