Finding a good hypnotherapist

Tom MacKay – hypnotherapy and psychotherapy for over 25 years and currently practices in Enfield, North London

Over 25 years experience

How To Find The Best Hypnotherapist

If you are wanting to make important changes in your life, you no doubt want to find the best hypnotherapist for you. Important things to consider are:

  • Find someone with experience
  • Find someone who listens to what you want
  • Find someone who has excellent training themselves

Hypnotherapy has grown in popularity over the last few decades and if you have been searching the internet you have probably been presented with hundreds, or even thousands of different choices. Lots of those choices seem to have lots of qualifications and are members of registers that sound great. However it is important to note:

  • Hypnotherapy is unregulated
  • Hypnotherapy ‘qualifications’ are letters the hypnotherapy schools make up
  • Hypnotherapy registers can be started by anyone, they are not ‘official’ organisations
  • Many hypnotherapists advertising services have never attended a ‘live’ training themselves, or have only attended short courses

When you see a hypnotherapist, you are trusting your mind to another individual. Many people look around for people local or who are good value, or maybe both. With so many people to choose from, that might seem like a good idea, however if you were choosing a plumber would you just choose the cheapest one who happened to live next door? Of course not! You’d probably end up with a flood in your house!


Finding the right hypnotherapist is even more important. I have frequently been impressed by hypnotherapist websites and their qualifications and then looked into the qualifications and found that these impressive letters and organisations they are part of just operate a home study course – and they are even working with a type of hypnoanalysis which can be a very sensitive area to work with.


If you want to make long lasting changes and get results, be prepared to:

  • Invest in your success – don’t go for the cheapest option, after all with a good hypnotherapist you’ll only need a few sessions
  • Be prepared to travel a little – if it means getting the best help, be prepared to travel a little
  • Find someone experienced