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Tips To Combat Anxiety

Keep checking back here for more ideas about ways to deal with anxiety.

There are some general principles that you can immediately apply and that will make a huge difference on your anxiety levels.

These include:

Take time for yourself – every day practice with the self-hypnosis app, do yoga or meditation

Exercise – regular exercise will help reduce your anxiety levels

Eat healthy food – the food you eat provides the fuel to your body and brain. Try the Mind Diet

Get enough sleep – make sure you get enough sleep at night

Breathe deeply – any time you feel anxious slow your breathing down – it will help your body relax

Count to 10 – if something makes you upset, count to 10 inside your head before responding

Talk to someone – talking through your problems can really help

Get help – see a therapist or counsellor if you are really in need of help

Become aware of negative thinking and learn to change it.