Hypnosis Downloads

We offer a range of world-class hypnosis downloads to help you overcome a range of issues.

Many people find that these downloads can have an incredible impact on their lives. If you can see a hypnotherapist face to face, we always recommend this as a first option, however using these downloads is another possibility and they really can be very powerful.

Hypnosis Downloads Can Be The Key

Each download is carefully scripted with suggestions focused on helping with the specific issue at hand. The downloads last between 10 and 20 minutes and are best used at least once per day over a minimum of 20 days to be most effective.

Hypnosis for sleep problems

Master stress

Refresh yourself and feel energised

Speak with confidence

The skills for calmness and relaxation you will learn from the recordings can be incredibly effective. In fact, one person recently who listened to the recording for relaxation said that he had just moved to London and couldn’t sleep because of all the noise outside his house, but as soon as he started using the recording was getting incredible nights of sleep.

Tom MacKay can also produce custom hypnosis recordings to help you with specific issues – please contact Tom to discuss this – this will involve a consultation either in person or over Skype or telephone where he can help find the most effective suggestions and intervention to put on a personalised recording for you.

Hypnosis Downloads for relaxation, sleep, weight loss, confidence and many other areas