Coaching For Success

What is coaching?

Coaching is very different from hypnotherapy and at the same time has some similarities! Coaching is an incredibly effective way to get results in your life. A good coach doesn’t tell you what to do, but asks questions and takes you through processes to help you set and clarify goals. A good coach will help you keep on track with your outcomes, set you tasks and help keep you motivated. A good coach will also help you learn everything you need so that you can become your own best coach in the future – so you don’t need a coach long term!

However the big problem with a lot of coaches is that coaching training doesn’t go into depth about what to do when someone runs into blocks and ‘baggage’ from the past that is holding them back. Because a lot of coaching operates around not being ‘therapy’ it means that it can be limited when certain issues crop up and hold someone back. However with NLP and hypnotherapy you can help people to get through these blocks quickly and easily.

I have trained some amazing coaches and they combine their coaching with NLP and hypnotherapy – although they rarely call it hypnotherapy when they are coaching – they just ask their clients to close their eyes and do an ‘internal’ process!

There are many variations in the way coaching and hypnotherapy can be used – the important thing is to help the client get results and the more skills a coach has to help the client get results, the more effective the coaching will be.

I’ve even heard lots of coaching courses saying that coaching should not cross the line to therapy, however when you are dealing with people and helping them get through issues that are holding them back, this at some level involves what could be labelled ‘therapy’ and having extra skills to help a client is always going to be a bonus. Probably the reason a lot of coaches stress they don’t do therapy is that is is pretty easy to become a coach – many trainings just take place over a few days, whereas training in areas like NLP and hypnotherapy in depth takes months (unless an ‘easy’ fast track option is taken!)

Our coaching in London offers the highest quality coaching to help you get results in the fastest possible time.

Phobia Cures

Most people know someone who has a phobia. Phobias can cause serious problems – stop people traveling, stop people going near insects – even stopping people going out at all!

People can have phobias about all sorts of things – spiders, planes, pigeons, open spaces, heights – even clowns and buttons! Basically people can develop phobias about pretty much anything – I even worked with someone who had such an intense phobia of peas they had to phone up restaurants before visiting to make sure there wouldn’t be any peas near them!

A phobia is an incredibly intense negative emotional response to a specific stimulus – and the really important thing about the emotional response is that it is learned – we are not born with phobias. There are only 2 main things that we may be born with some natural fear about – loud noises and heights – and these are developed as a natural survival response.

Everything else is learned. The really amazing thing is that most phobias are developed from a one time learning. This could be from a traumatic experience, watching someone else reacting in an extreme way, viewing something scary on TV or other ways. I remember seeing a friend’s young child witnessing their parent jumping in fear when seeing a spider and then copying the behaviour afterwards – it was the beginning of an intense phobia.

But Hypnosis Can Help!

Hypnosis is widely regarded as being one of the most effective ways of dealing with phobias. I have helped hundreds of people overcome their phobias – I’ve even got one recording of someone overcoming their phobia online here.


One person I worked with had developed such an extreme phobia of traveling on public transport that he hand’t travelled on public transport for almost 20 years. He sat on a chair and as he told me about it he was shaking with fear. Amazingly only 30 minutes later he had overcome his phobia and later that day travelled home on public transport!

Our hypnotherapy practice in London can help you overcome your phobias – contact us now!

How to choose a hypnotherapist

When I started working as a hypnotherapist back in the early 1990s, it was beginning to become quite a popular profession – the main way people advertised was through Yellow Pages.

These days a lot of people probably don’t even know what the Yellow Pages are, or never use them if they do! Compared to the 1990s there are also a crazy number of hypnotherapists! Just searching the internet brings up thousands of different hypnotherapists’ websites.

So how do you choose the best hypnotherapist? In London, hypnotherapy is incredibly popular and there is a tendency for people to select a hypnotherapist based on factors such as:

  • Location
  • Price
  • Availability
  • Lots of fancy sounding letters after their names!

However basing your decision about who to go and see upon these factors can be incredibly risky!

Having been practicing hypnotherapy for over 20 years, I know that there are only a couple of hypnotherapists I would personally visit – and a couple of years ago when I wanted to have some help with pain management before surgery I travelled for 90 minutes and paid more than many hypnotherapists charge because I wanted to see an excellent hypnotherapist.

When people don’t have a good experience with hypnotherapy it is usually because they don’t go to a good hypnotherapist – they usually make decisions based upon availability, price and location. But if you want to get results you may need to travel, pay a little more than you expect and be flexible in your appointment time.

Also don’t get fooled by fancy letters after the name – many qualifications are from correspondence courses or even made up! Also hypnotherapy associations are privately set up and although most now have standards of membership, it doesn’t mean that the hypnotherapists are good.

What you really need to consider are:

  • The experience of the hypnotherapist
  • The rapport you build with them over the telephone
  • Beware marketing gimmicks on websites
  • Don’t fall for hypnotherapists offering ‘instant’ fixes
  • Be prepared to go for a few sessions – don’t expect a magic wand!
  • You need to put work in! The hypnotherapist offers the means for you to get results, but doesn’t get them for you!

Who can be hypnotised?

I often meet people who say they think hypnosis wouldn’t work with them, or that they are not the sort of person who could be hypnotised. Every time I hear these sort of things, I only think one thing – they are really missing the point!

You see, hypnosis is an altered state that someone goes into themselves – nobody else can really make them, it is something people go into by choice. Let’s just break that down a little – hypnosis is an altered state -an example of an altered state is sitting on a bus or a train and your mind wondering off and suddenly you are at your stop and almost miss it because you haven’t been paying attention to what is going on. That sort of daydreamy state you sometimes go into on a journey is like a hypnotic state. In a similar way, when you go to the cinema and see a great film which lasts for a couple of hours, but it seems like it has only been a few minutes – that is another example of a trance like state.

You see, we go into trance-like states all the time! People sometimes think that the best hypnotist is someone who is able to hypnotise anyone, however in reality it is about helping the client to go into hypnosis themselves. In hypnosis nobody can make anyone do anything that goes against their values and beliefs. Going into a hypnotic state is simply a matter of the client following directions.

The great thing about hypnosis is that hypnosis is not a magic wand that can do anything to a client! You might be wondering why that is the great thing?

Well because you are the person that has all the resources to make the changes yourself – a great hypnotherapist will help you access the resources you need to make the changes you want and help you realise that hypnosis is not something that is ‘done’ to someone else, but is something that you are guided into.

Stop smoking with hypnosis

The real secrets of stopping smoking!

If you smoke and are reading this, you’re probably aware of some compelling reasons to stop smoking already, including:

  • Cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Breathing problems
  • Poverty! (The cost of smoking is huge!)
  • Social issues

And these are probably just a few of the main reasons that people have for wanting to quit smoking.

The problem is that smoking is highly addictive – not just physically but also psychologically. In fact the psychological addiction is probably a lot tougher to deal with than the physical addiction – and that is why hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways to stop smoking!

You can stop smoking on your own, but it can be tough, so people often turn to other solutions, for example:

  • Nicotine patches
  • E-cigarettes
  • Acupuncture

Unfortunately most people don’t find success with these methods or if they do they often get addicted to the nicotine in other ways! Acupuncture is really great for many things, including pain control, however most acupuncturists I know don’t find it that successful for stopping smoking.

Quitting smoking with hypnotherapy works!

I have worked with lots of smokers over the last 20 years and have helped the majority of them to stop smoking with hypnosis and stay stopped! Hypnotherapy is hugely effective for many reasons including –

  • It is a very powerful way to break unconscious habits and addictions
  • It is very effective at increasing will power
  • It is probably the most powerful method available to install new positive ‘programming’ for better habits

There are a few things that make it work most effectively –

  • You have to want to stop!
  • The motivation to stop comes from you and not your partner/friend etc!
  • You don’t view hypnosis as a magic wand – you have to put in the work too!

Probably the most important thing is also to find a good hypnotherapist – there are lots of different methods and hypnotherapists, but not all hypnotherapy is created equally!

I’ve had people travel from as far as Australia just to work with me! That’s probably further than most people are prepared to travel, however if you want to get results, then you need to work with the right person and that might mean travelling to see them.

So if you want to stop smoking now, get in touch and book a session.

The Secrets Of Weight Loss

I’ve been getting a lot of calls from people about weight loss recently. As the weather is getting warmer more people seem to be concerned about getting in shape for the season of shedding clothes! Strangely a lot of people would think that New Year is a popular time for weight loss plans, however its generally not the busiest time for hypnotherapists in the UK. The months leading up to summer are when people generally start to panic and look for help!

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, these are a few tips that you NEED to follow!

  • Don’t crash diet – suddenly stopping eating and virtually starving yourself never works – even if you lose weight for a bit, you just won’t sustain it and you risk damaging your metabolism. Studies show how crash dieting in the long term leads to weight GAIN for most people! It sounds like an easy option, but don’t do it!
  • Don’t follow fad diets – things like fruit diets/carrot diets/protein diets where you cut out certain food groups and overload on others can be a long term health risk – I’ve met many people who have been on extreme protein diets who ended up in hospital with bad side effects.
  • Don’t look for a magic wand! Personal trainers/hypnotherapist/acupuncture etc can help you lose weight, but it won’t do it for you – you need to stick to a plan for it to work

What you DO want to do!

Find a good hypnotherapist who doesn’t offer instant results! – Instant result would be nice, but weight loss happens over time, so be prepared to follow a plan with the right support. For the best results follow out 8 session hypnotherapy Weight Management Power Plan – this is the best way to get long term success in weight management.

Stick to the plan! Hypnotherapy is amazing, however you need to stick to the plan and be determined to get results – hypnosis won’t MAKE you do it! But it sure can help!

Combine exercise with changing your eating habits – you need to just alter what you eat rather than starve yourself and you need to increase your physical activity level – we can offer you personal fitness training with martial arts circuits to help you burn off loads of calories!

The Mind Body Connection

One of the things that has always fascinated me about hypnosis and hypnotherapy is in the power of the mind to influence the body and even physiological functions.

When first learned hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, one of my tutors told us about how he had used hypnosis in place of anaesthesia in surgery and even could influence blood flow to areas of the body. Normally I would have been pretty sceptical of such claims, however the person doing this was medically trained and even has been filmed on television doing this type of work, so there was no doubt as to the validity of the claims.

Since then, I have myself worked in a pain management clinic of a hospital in North West London where I worked with chronic pain patients to help them alleviate pain using hypnosis. The results were really incredible. In fact, many of the surgical procedures used to alleviate pain would only have a small success rate and everyone seemed very into alternative treatments such as hypnosis and acupuncture (acupuncture was also a terrific way to alleviate pain for many patients).

There are lots of studies around showing how hypnosis can have incredible results with warts and skin conditions – I have worked with several people with bad eczema and psoriasis and with some people their skin seems to have cleared up completely. Skin conditions can often be aggravated by stress, so the relaxation in itself can have a very positive effect.

Countless people with IBS have also found how hypnotherapy can have incredible results with their condition – hypnosis for irritable bowel syndrome has been highly effective for a great deal of people.

Although clearly hypnosis cannot be claimed as a cure for any condition, it is almost certainly the case that tapping into the mind body connection can have an incredible influence on the immune system.

Rising Stress!

I’ve been seeing more and more people recently suffering from stress related conditions – from just feeling stressed, high blood pressure, right the way to hair falling out (alopecia). It seems that more and more people are getting stressed these days – not that stress wasn’t high before, but it definitely seems more intense for a lot of people.

I remember a while ago seeing an old TV show clip from the 90’s where it was predicted that with the developing technology of computers, people wouldn’t have to work within 20 years! If anything, people seem to be working harder and longer and technology causes more stress than most other things in modern society. People can’t get away from demands – it used to just be post and phone calls (and before mobiles that was only if you were at your desk!) but now you can be contacted anywhere by mobile, text, email, Facebook, Whatsapp and many other ways. It’s difficult to get away from demands wherever you are.

These demands have massive effects on peoples’ lives – at work, at home and socially – that is if people have time to socialise these days!

High blood pressure, heart problems, skin conditions (eczema), alopecia, headaches, pain, Crohn’s disease and many other conditions are aggravated by stress (some even caused by stress). Unfortunately many people end up going to a doctor and just getting prescribed medication, which might help deal with the symptoms but don’t deal with the cause and sometimes the medication itself can cause unfortunate side effects.

We offer hypnotherapy in London to help people deal with these conditions and many more. Hypnotherapy offers some of the best solutions for dealing with stress and can help both deal with the negative effects of stress as well as immunise you from them in the first place.

How Hypnotherapy Works

I have often been asked how hypnotherapy works – and in truth there are a lot of different explanations out there. Some people say it is reprogramming the mind, other people say that there is even no such thing as hypnosis and that it is all placebo!

I would suggest that hypnosis is all about using the power of your mind to get incredible results. We can achieve incredible things with the power of our mind, but most people don’t know how to do it. When we are born we aren’t given a ‘user guide to the brain’, although our brains are the most powerful computer that exists! When you buy a new computer, there might be a simple manual that tells you how to use it, and if you read it it can make the whole process a lot simpler, although most people don’t bother doing this and end up not knowing how to use it properly even several years later!

From birth we are getting all sorts of mental ‘programming’ which will affect how we experience life in the future. We are told the word ‘no’ hundreds of thousands of times and also receive lots of negative messages that can have deep rooted effects on us in the future.

Someone who has a phobia doesn’t have this from birth but learns it at some point in their life and from that moment on the response is conditioned into their neurology. Basically it is a learned response – and because you have learned it, you can also unlearn it! Hypnosis is a great way to do this.

The placebo effect probably works in a similar way to hypnosis – on the principle of suggestion. For example, if someone is given a placebo (or sugar pill) by a doctor and told this will take their pain away, many patients will get relief from their pain. This is because of the suggestion given by someone in a position of authority or respect which takes effect on the patient’s unconscious mind – and can you imagine how great that can be in avoiding giving people some potentially unpleasant medications!

Hypnosis has been used in surgery for at least a couple of centuries – where suggestion is used in place of anaesthesia and the patient has no pain for even major surgery – hypnosis for surgery is really an incredible thing.

Welcome to the new website

This is our new hypnotherapy website – Up until recently I have been focusing on running hypnotherapy and NLP training courses and have now decided to work with more clients one to one. When I started as a hypnotherapist back in 1990, I concentrated on working with one to one clients and saw people make incredible changes with hypnotherapy, which was a real privilege to experience.

I then gradually moved into running courses – training people in NLP (right the way to trainer level) and also training hypnotherapists. However more recently I have seen the massive growth of hypnotherapy training courses, frequently run by people who themselves don’t have much experience, and I have decided I would like to focus my energy back into working with individual clients.

I’ve been fortunate over the last 20 years to train with some incredible hypnotherapists including past students of Milton Eriskson – Sydney Rosen and Rossi and some incredible NLP trainers including Lara Ewings and Robert MacDonald. I’ve gone on to train lots of people as hypnotherapists, NLP Practitioners and even NLP Trainers. Many of my past students have gone on to become very successful hypnotherapists and NLP Trainers.

I’ve found over the years that people are really capable of achieving incredible things – in any area of life, including their own health. I still find it amazing that someone can go in for surgery and use hypnosis to harness the power of their mind to go without needing an anaesthetic! You can find some of the videos on Youtube if you search for hypnosis in surgery. Being able to manage pain is an incredible use of hypnosis – and if you can do that, imagine what else you can do!

Someone having hypnosis to manage pain for things as extreme as an amputation should suggest stopping smoking is a relatively easy matter with hypnosis!