Hypnosis To Help With Anxiety

Do you get anxious frequently?

Do you wish you could stay calm in social or professional situations?

Does anxiety stop you from doing your best?

Hypnotherapy could be the solution for you. We have helped hundreds of people overcome anxiety problems so that they get enjoy their lives more and get better results.

Anxiety can really stop you enjoying life

Hypnotherapy for anxiety can help ‘reprogram’ you so that you can stay calm in every situation where in the past you used to get anxious. Hypnosis is a gentle and therapeutic intervention that helps you break old patterns and get the changes that you want. With a mixture of positive suggestions, visualisations and subconscious interventions, it really is possible to overcome anxiety.

Case study

Mrs X was in her late 50’s and had suffered from serious anxiety problems since she was a child. She thought that she was just born that way and would never change and even turned to alcohol to help her get rid of the bad feelings from anxiety. She saw our hypnotherapy advert and just thought she would give it a go. Even after the first session she felt better than she could ever remember feeling. After several sessions she left with a new feeling of confidence and felt no need to turn to alcohol again. Several years later she came to me with a gift of wedding cake from her granddaughter’s wedding and said she had not turned to alcohol at all since the hypnotherapy. Not only that but she had been having problems with high blood pressure and found the hypnotherapy helped to reduce it so her doctor gradually took her off blood pressure medication because of her improved health!

It really is never to late to try hypnosis, or too early! I have worked with children, through to clients in their 80’s. Whatever your age, the time to start enjoying your life more fully really is now – and you can do it with hypnosis.