Do you often feel anxious?

Does anxiety stop you living the life you want?

Are you fed up with getting sweaty palms, pounding heart or just being tongue tied with nerves?

Anxiety can stop you enjoying life, being successful and doing the things you want to.

Conquer anxiety now

Hypnosis is one of the most effective ways to help you beat anxiety.

Hypnotherapy can help you:

  • Learn to relax deeply
  • Deal with the anxiety at the core
  • Release yourself from years of being held back by anxiousness

You can overcome your anxiety now

Anxiety can be caused by a wide variety of issues. Hypnosis can help with anxiety in several different ways.

Some people find that practicing hypnosis and learning the positive suggestions to help deal with anxiety can allow them to conquer years of anxiety in just a few sessions. At the end of the first session you will receive a cd with a recording of the hypnosis during the session which you take away and practice with over the next few weeks. This helps you to internalise the positive suggestions and ‘reprogram’ your old responses that led to anxiety.

With some cases of anxiety we need to explore the root cause of the anxiety. This may require using ‘analytical’ hypnotherapy to help get back to the root cause and deal with any old emotions that need to be resolved. Whereas with counselling or psychoanalysis this might require years and a huge number of sessions, with hypnosis this would be done in a much shorter time – most issues are resolved in between 4 to 12 sessions.

Hypnotherapy could be the answer to help you conquer anxiety

Although commonly known for helping to deal with smoking, weight loss and phobias, hypnosis can help with so many different areas. Helping you to combat your anxiety in a relaxing and safe environment.