Coaching For Success

What is coaching?

Coaching is very different from hypnotherapy and at the same time has some similarities! Coaching is an incredibly effective way to get results in your life. A good coach doesn’t tell you what to do, but asks questions and takes you through processes to help you set and clarify goals. A good coach will help you keep on track with your outcomes, set you tasks and help keep you motivated. A good coach will also help you learn everything you need so that you can become your own best coach in the future – so you don’t need a coach long term!

However the big problem with a lot of coaches is that coaching training doesn’t go into depth about what to do when someone runs into blocks and ‘baggage’ from the past that is holding them back. Because a lot of coaching operates around not being ‘therapy’ it means that it can be limited when certain issues crop up and hold someone back. However with NLP and hypnotherapy you can help people to get through these blocks quickly and easily.

I have trained some amazing coaches and they combine their coaching with NLP and hypnotherapy – although they rarely call it hypnotherapy when they are coaching – they just ask their clients to close their eyes and do an ‘internal’ process!

There are many variations in the way coaching and hypnotherapy can be used – the important thing is to help the client get results and the more skills a coach has to help the client get results, the more effective the coaching will be.

I’ve even heard lots of coaching courses saying that coaching should not cross the line to therapy, however when you are dealing with people and helping them get through issues that are holding them back, this at some level involves what could be labelled ‘therapy’ and having extra skills to help a client is always going to be a bonus. Probably the reason a lot of coaches stress they don’t do therapy is that is is pretty easy to become a coach – many trainings just take place over a few days, whereas training in areas like NLP and hypnotherapy in depth takes months (unless an ‘easy’ fast track option is taken!)

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