Phobia Cures

Most people know someone who has a phobia. Phobias can cause serious problems – stop people traveling, stop people going near insects – even stopping people going out at all!

People can have phobias about all sorts of things – spiders, planes, pigeons, open spaces, heights – even clowns and buttons! Basically people can develop phobias about pretty much anything – I even worked with someone who had such an intense phobia of peas they had to phone up restaurants before visiting to make sure there wouldn’t be any peas near them!

A phobia is an incredibly intense negative emotional response to a specific stimulus – and the really important thing about the emotional response is that it is learned – we are not born with phobias. There are only 2 main things that we may be born with some natural fear about – loud noises and heights – and these are developed as a natural survival response.

Everything else is learned. The really amazing thing is that most phobias are developed from a one time learning. This could be from a traumatic experience, watching someone else reacting in an extreme way, viewing something scary on TV or other ways. I remember seeing a friend’s young child witnessing their parent jumping in fear when seeing a spider and then copying the behaviour afterwards – it was the beginning of an intense phobia.

But Hypnosis Can Help!

Hypnosis is widely regarded as being one of the most effective ways of dealing with phobias. I have helped hundreds of people overcome their phobias – I’ve even got one recording of someone overcoming their phobia online here.


One person I worked with had developed such an extreme phobia of traveling on public transport that he hand’t travelled on public transport for almost 20 years. He sat on a chair and as he told me about it he was shaking with fear. Amazingly only 30 minutes later he had overcome his phobia and later that day travelled home on public transport!

Our hypnotherapy practice in London can help you overcome your phobias – contact us now!