Stop smoking with hypnosis

The real secrets of stopping smoking!

If you smoke and are reading this, you’re probably aware of some compelling reasons to stop smoking already, including:

  • Cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Breathing problems
  • Poverty! (The cost of smoking is huge!)
  • Social issues

And these are probably just a few of the main reasons that people have for wanting to quit smoking.

The problem is that smoking is highly addictive – not just physically but also psychologically. In fact the psychological addiction is probably a lot tougher to deal with than the physical addiction – and that is why hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways to stop smoking!

You can stop smoking on your own, but it can be tough, so people often turn to other solutions, for example:

  • Nicotine patches
  • E-cigarettes
  • Acupuncture

Unfortunately most people don’t find success with these methods or if they do they often get addicted to the nicotine in other ways! Acupuncture is really great for many things, including pain control, however most acupuncturists I know don’t find it that successful for stopping smoking.

Quitting smoking with hypnotherapy works!

I have worked with lots of smokers over the last 20 years and have helped the majority of them to stop smoking with hypnosis and stay stopped! Hypnotherapy is hugely effective for many reasons including –

  • It is a very powerful way to break unconscious habits and addictions
  • It is very effective at increasing will power
  • It is probably the most powerful method available to install new positive ‘programming’ for better habits

There are a few things that make it work most effectively –

  • You have to want to stop!
  • The motivation to stop comes from you and not your partner/friend etc!
  • You don’t view hypnosis as a magic wand – you have to put in the work too!

Probably the most important thing is also to find a good hypnotherapist – there are lots of different methods and hypnotherapists, but not all hypnotherapy is created equally!

I’ve had people travel from as far as Australia just to work with me! That’s probably further than most people are prepared to travel, however if you want to get results, then you need to work with the right person and that might mean travelling to see them.

So if you want to stop smoking now, get in touch and book a session.