The Secrets Of Weight Loss

I’ve been getting a lot of calls from people about weight loss recently. As the weather is getting warmer more people seem to be concerned about getting in shape for the season of shedding clothes! Strangely a lot of people would think that New Year is a popular time for weight loss plans, however its generally not the busiest time for hypnotherapists in the UK. The months leading up to summer are when people generally start to panic and look for help!

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, these are a few tips that you NEED to follow!

  • Don’t crash diet – suddenly stopping eating and virtually starving yourself never works – even if you lose weight for a bit, you just won’t sustain it and you risk damaging your metabolism. Studies show how crash dieting in the long term leads to weight GAIN for most people! It sounds like an easy option, but don’t do it!
  • Don’t follow fad diets – things like fruit diets/carrot diets/protein diets where you cut out certain food groups and overload on others can be a long term health risk – I’ve met many people who have been on extreme protein diets who ended up in hospital with bad side effects.
  • Don’t look for a magic wand! Personal trainers/hypnotherapist/acupuncture etc can help you lose weight, but it won’t do it for you – you need to stick to a plan for it to work

What you DO want to do!

Find a good hypnotherapist who doesn’t offer instant results! – Instant result would be nice, but weight loss happens over time, so be prepared to follow a plan with the right support. For the best results follow out 8 session hypnotherapy Weight Management Power Plan – this is the best way to get long term success in weight management.

Stick to the plan! Hypnotherapy is amazing, however you need to stick to the plan and be determined to get results – hypnosis won’t MAKE you do it! But it sure can help!

Combine exercise with changing your eating habits – you need to just alter what you eat rather than starve yourself and you need to increase your physical activity level – we can offer you personal fitness training with martial arts circuits to help you burn off loads of calories!