The Mind Body Connection

One of the things that has always fascinated me about hypnosis and hypnotherapy is in the power of the mind to influence the body and even physiological functions.

When first learned hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, one of my tutors told us about how he had used hypnosis in place of anaesthesia in surgery and even could influence blood flow to areas of the body. Normally I would have been pretty sceptical of such claims, however the person doing this was medically trained and even has been filmed on television doing this type of work, so there was no doubt as to the validity of the claims.

Since then, I have myself worked in a pain management clinic of a hospital in North West London where I worked with chronic pain patients to help them alleviate pain using hypnosis. The results were really incredible. In fact, many of the surgical procedures used to alleviate pain would only have a small success rate and everyone seemed very into alternative treatments such as hypnosis and acupuncture (acupuncture was also a terrific way to alleviate pain for many patients).

There are lots of studies around showing how hypnosis can have incredible results with warts and skin conditions – I have worked with several people with bad eczema and psoriasis and with some people their skin seems to have cleared up completely. Skin conditions can often be aggravated by stress, so the relaxation in itself can have a very positive effect.

Countless people with IBS have also found how hypnotherapy can have incredible results with their condition – hypnosis for irritable bowel syndrome has been highly effective for a great deal of people.

Although clearly hypnosis cannot be claimed as a cure for any condition, it is almost certainly the case that tapping into the mind body connection can have an incredible influence on the immune system.