Rising Stress!

I’ve been seeing more and more people recently suffering from stress related conditions – from just feeling stressed, high blood pressure, right the way to hair falling out (alopecia). It seems that more and more people are getting stressed these days – not that stress wasn’t high before, but it definitely seems more intense for a lot of people.

I remember a while ago seeing an old TV show clip from the 90’s where it was predicted that with the developing technology of computers, people wouldn’t have to work within 20 years! If anything, people seem to be working harder and longer and technology causes more stress than most other things in modern society. People can’t get away from demands – it used to just be post and phone calls (and before mobiles that was only if you were at your desk!) but now you can be contacted anywhere by mobile, text, email, Facebook, Whatsapp and many other ways. It’s difficult to get away from demands wherever you are.

These demands have massive effects on peoples’ lives – at work, at home and socially – that is if people have time to socialise these days!

High blood pressure, heart problems, skin conditions (eczema), alopecia, headaches, pain, Crohn’s disease and many other conditions are aggravated by stress (some even caused by stress). Unfortunately many people end up going to a doctor and just getting prescribed medication, which might help deal with the symptoms but don’t deal with the cause and sometimes the medication itself can cause unfortunate side effects.

We offer hypnotherapy in London to help people deal with these conditions and many more. Hypnotherapy offers some of the best solutions for dealing with stress and can help both deal with the negative effects of stress as well as immunise you from them in the first place.